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For something as fun as makeup, it tends to be at the center of a lot of controversy. Women who choose to wear it are sometimes accused of “lying,” while others are viewed as lacking confidence. It’s a sad reality, but these kinds of accusations often shame ladies from layering on the foundation and mascara that might make them feel a bit better about themselves in the morning (or that they just straight-up love).

Our Story

Sometimes talents in individuals are hidden and they only sprout and come out when the planets align for them. The alignment could be an opportunity, an idea, a dozen years of hard work or simply something like just feeling completely different one morning. Rani Thukral set her foot outside of India for the first time in her life. Her journey was a round trip ticket from New Delhi to Frankfurt to London to New York. Attached to her hand was her 9 year old son holding on to her pinky. They were all set to go back to New Delhi until they arrived in New York, which changed everything. Rani Thukral discovered a new definition of freedom where women were driving buses and the word impossible didn’t seem to be in the dictionary of the city. There were no barriers when it came to opportunity for men of for women and where a person’s ability counted for more than a person’s age.

With $250 in the pocket and a tourist visa which was ready to expire in less than five months, she was inspired to do something and he was inspired to make her dream come true. Rani Thukral would go to Queens Boulevard near Alexander and A&S stores while she would sit in McDonald’s and performed the Spa services on customers as he brought more clients in. “People would ask him if that was edible chocolate on his hands they were not aware of the henna concept as much as they are today ” says Rani. She would be occasionally buy some more food items in McDonalds so that they would be able to stay there. The word impossible never existed in her dictionary even till today. She alwasy believed that hard work and effort is the reason behind every success. Filled with energy and effort her personality lights up every soul around her. From performing mini cosmetology services on the streets of New York to getting her Phd from Boston while being a successful mother and wife; to running a Spa company today with over 14 locations and 3 cosmetic labels brands in New York with sister offices in India and China. Rani Thukral has really come a long way with her ongoing effort and her team mate Anuj Thukral. Rani Thukral has build the company drop by drop and brick by brick. From literally putting tiles on the floor with her own bare hands to cutting hair and printing her own hand made flyers and stapling on all the major trees. From changing light bulbs in the salon after work hours to flipping tapes in the tape recorder while booking clients on the cordless phone and keeping an eye on the timer of her clients hair color. Even today all products are formulated, tested and and have an R&D by the astonishing knowledge of Dr. Rani’s skincare, haircare and ayurveda. “She has always been an advocate of Ayurveda. She and Anuj both believe that Ayurveda is far more superior than herbal, natural, organics. I think she has more books on ayurveda and holistic healing than she has clothes.”- Doug Johnson CEO of Cosmetic labs. Her interest in herbs blossomed as a teen under the tutelage of her chemist father and herbalist–doctor mother. With careful selection of herbal products and signature treatments, Dr. Rani has captured a mass New York metropolitan market by offering everything to do with beauty, from falling hair treatment to bridal makeup and and flowers, and generating a loyal following all over Long Island and Queens. Due to her success in hair loss treatment she continuosly receives online mail orders for her famous hair loss treatment shampoo and conditioner which was formulted by herself. Dr Rani was the pioneer in her field to introduce Ayurvedic beauty, Ayurvedic techniques, and Ayurvedic lifestyle to the western world of New York City. Though Rani Salons in New York were started in 1994, the first Rani salon founded and started by Dr. Rani was in 1970 in New Delhi, India.

 Anuj Thukral has and is the inspiration and the vision in front and behind Rani Spas since the beginning. Anuj has been a key partner in the company since the age of eleven, the company he co-founded and gave the name to Rani Creations INC. Rani Spas then known as Rani creations embarked on their on their first location in 1994.   in Floral Park Long Island. “People still ask me how could i have started working at the age of ten and have a company at the age of eleven.” I repply that if Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen can start acting at the age of nine months why cant a person start working at the age of ten.” “At ten I used to give out flyers, promote Rani Spa, be a receptionist, answer phones, take appointments and charge people. At fourteen I was doing all of that and selecting the color of the tiles we should put in our new floors, while running an outdoor flea market shop on the weekends. And at sixteen I was doing all that plus putting policies in place for the entire company while advocating to enhance ambience and raise the bar on image and branding. Throughout the process my energy tower from where i got the energy from was my mother.” .  “I always felt that the golden platform that she had created for me, with the knowledge she had given me was priceless, and that I should do something with it.” People sometimes find it hard to believe that he is the president and CEO of a company that is so well established and renowned throughout the state of New York. Since the opening of the first location in 1994 to his 14th location in 2008 he has never stopped believing in hard work and perseverance. Today Rani Spas offers everything from Skincare, Hair care, Diet Consultation, Ayurvedic lifestyle, Make-up and skin management. Rani spas have become synonymous with quality service and loyal clientele. In addition, Anuj is the strategist behind the Rani cosmetics line, sold under Rani, Anuj and Atina brands, which he launched in 2002 at Age 19. Even before he turned 16, he was the business face for the company, often being involved in discussions for business expansion and signing multi–million dollar leases. His belief of positive thinking remains resolute even in the bleakest of times. Along with his mother, Dr Rani Thukral, he has built Rani Spas into one of the most recognized beauty spots of New York. Whether you are in Long Island or Manhattan, you can always find a Rani Spa nearby.

Rani Spas has provided employment opportunities to over 2000 individuals who not only gain through income but also through experience. The best part is Anuj has repeatedly enforced the rule that all employees are a part of his family. He makes sure that all employees receive equal attention when it comes to job satisfaction.     He has always encouraged technology in business that is why he never goes anywhere without his iphone. Even the higher management have, all received Iphones in order to help them be more productive in every endeavor. All of the Rani Spa locations are streamlined with the latest POS systems and software making it easier for customers and employees.   “From bringing products in our suitcases to launching my own product line at the age of 19, I think America has given us a great platform of opportunity. My mom used to tell me that a seventy five cent bagel and dollar twenty five pizza is not part of our budget, so we were never used to eating out until recently. Although we did go shopping nearly every week for clothes and household items in our own designer stores which were garage sales and yard sales. From living in the back of the first Rani’s at 314 Jericho turnpike to owning our own homes, it was a long journey filled with all seasons of life. Today sometimes when we look at where the people of America have put us in combination with our effort, it astonishes me to identify if its still reality. Today when we look at the recession, it sure affects us but one way it can never affect us is the power of effort. I don’t think the recession can stop us from thinking positive. I don’t think it can stop us from establishing strategies and it definitely cannot stop our effort to work harder and think bigger to make a better future. No doctor can heal a patient if the patient does not want to start the first process of healing themselves. The first process is thinking positive and giving your 1000% of non stop effort. The truth is I am where I am because I am walking with 50 years worth of Knowledge with me” – Anuj Rani Thukral

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